Light in the Darkness


Dear All,

As I write, Mr. Putin’s forces are on their 13th day of invasion in Ukraine.  The signs are that a very courageous resistance has been made so far.  Ever since waking up to hear the news on 24th February, I have sensed the world become a darker place.  As though a shadow has been cast over that part of the world, that is translating into innumerable shadows over the lives of all who care.

There are practical things we can do.  Locally in Frenchay and Stapleton there is a Refugee Support Network, that is making ready for that possibility that one day we will have the opportunity and privilege of hosting Ukrainian refugees in this part of Bristol.

The Easter story has a picture of ‘darkness covering the land’.  But that was at Jesus’ crucifixion.

The light of dawn is associated with the arrival of Mary Magdalene at the empty tomb with her friends, early on Easter morning.

What has happened?  How is bleakness and death turned to light and hope?

I invite you to come and find out in Frenchay churchyard.  There are two events, one on Good Friday at 10.30am, and the other the next day, Saturday April 16th any time from 10am – 12, when there is a chance for all ages to experience the Easter story.

I love it that these events are planned to be outside.  Let’s pray for good weather!

Meanwhile our hearts go out to those suffering in Ukraine.  The post-pandemic period here in Bristol harbours much new discovery, opportunities for good change, but also the likelihood of economic distress for many.  I am sure our church and community will be united in caring for the weak and needy, sharing generously with those who through no fault of their own are suffering lack.  I look forward to seeing how the ‘wing’ of Gods’ love provides a shelter of hope, security and consolation in the midst of a darkening world landscape.

Rev Charles