Dear All,

Occasionally when on an ordinary walk, I come across the extraordinary.  Do you find this as well?  An ordinary dog walk one autumn morning on the edge of Kings Weston ancient fort, and I stopped dead in my tracks.  A piece of art figured itself on my retina, and I searched it out.  Lying in the undergrowth, a rotten log – with a difference.

My wife led the dog on to chase tennis balls, while I just stood there, picked up the stick and pondered.  When back home I would discover that it was probably the work of certain wood-boring beetles.  But why such a beautiful, intricate pattern?  It was something that could have been crafted in a workshop by human hand, but only after many hours of careful work.

Solomon, Jeremiah and Jesus all have this in common: they picked up something from nature and said to their audience, ‘Do you see what this shows you?’  When they’d had some time to think, he’d ask them again.  They would turn to him and ask, ‘Well, what do you think it shows us, then? The preacher, the prophet, the Messiah would explain.

In the same tradition, though with many lesser credentials, I invite you to ponder – what does it show you about life, about God?

Then, if you’ve done that, mission accomplished!

But, I hear you ask, ‘What do you make of it, just for interest?’

Well, if you’re really asking…A beetle probably has very little inkling that it is part of producing something beautiful.  It is simply burrowing an egg gallery.  In our communities, we get on with playing our part, doing good whenever we can, offering the skills and gifts given to us to serve others.  All very ordinary in one way.  But not one single act is forgotten or useless in God’s sight.  Jesus said to his followers that whoever so much as gives a cup of cold water to them because of who they are (Jesus’ followers) will not lose their reward.

In Holy Trinity Stapleton, especially on May 7 – 8 we are hoping that you will pitch up sometime (info on )  See how you can come alongside the work of Christian people, seeking to serve their neighbour in the local community.  It is a Celebration Weekend to give thanks for the full repair of the huge roofs over that building.  We want to thank the community for helping us to achieve this, and invite anybody who comes, to join us on the next stage of our journey in bringing good news to everybody.

Rev Charles

P.S.  Please leave beetles outside!