Dear All,

The beginning of the academic year coincides with a set reading for 1st September from Hebrews 13.  Verse 2 reads: ‘Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.’  Might we have entertained angels unawares?

It is possible to be over-concerned with the paranormal, as an incident from my recent sabbatical illustrates.  My wife and I were in Derbyshire staying in a cottage by the name of Witchnest, with the purpose of seeing my two children during our stay.  At the end of a good day spent with my daughter, I decided to take my oil paints outside the front door.

I arranged my paints in front of me with a small palette and canvas.  Dressed by this time in the evening in a coat with a cap, I suppose I must have been an unusual sight for the little village.  Two youngish lads who were returning home two doors down arrived in their car between me and the subject I was painting.

As each got out of the car, laden with multipacks of beer, they froze, one at a time in my presence.  I could see the cogs turning in their minds, as they would have no doubt heard of many an idle tale of the paranormal coming from the house in which we were staying.  Well, last autumn I was mistaken for a gardener as I tended the Hall driveway and offered work by a Colston’s parent.  In this instance, I believe I was taken for a ghost!  What next?

We might recognise certain human interventions in our lives as being angelic.  As when a lady from another church arrived on the spot to empty our Tesco’s shop into our fridge, while the ambulance was tending to my wife’s broken ankle. Or when two members of the public turned up with our dog, when she had been missing for most of a morning.

There are several people I have met who claim to have either met angels or seen visions of them. Helen Meke is one, and she and Grace Longmire tell their story of journeying in mission through South Africa in their book, available on kindle, called ‘How on earth?’  A great read, with some testimony of angels.

On September 29th at 6pm Holy Trinity Church is hosting a Churches Together in Worship evening.  It happens to be St Michael & All Angels Day.  Would you kindly let me know if you would like to help host/offer hospitality on that day?  Also, if any of you have a testimony of angels, I would be interested to hear it.

Remember, Hebrews 1:14 teaches us that angels are ‘ministering spirits, sent forth to serve, for the sake of those who are to obtain salvation’. Have a blessed Autumn.