Messy Church

Messy Church is something very special.


It’s messy!

We get our hands dirty with all sorts of craft and fun activities.


It’s Church

Everything that happens helps all of us to engage with God in a new and exciting way. The crafts help tell a story, the songs and stories help us to understand what difference it makes in our daily lives. The food and fellowship help us to discuss and apply what we have been learning.


Who’s it for?

Messy Church is for all the family. Entry is free though the Messy Pig is very happy to receive your donations. Children are requested to bring a parent or carer.


Practical stuff

Messy Church will take place in Stapleton Church Hall on Friday Dec 13th, Jan 10th, Feb 14th, Mar 13th @ 4-6pm


Toilet Twinning

We have started to collect coins in our flushable toilet money box in order to twin our toilets. This is a scheme which helps poor communities around the world with education and practical help in hygenic living.